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On-Track’s Tutors

We believe our students deserve the best tutors so we hire the best! Our team of tutors includes the following:

  • Current and retired general education, gifted education, and special education teachers
  • Local educators familiar with curricula and teqching methods used by local schools
  • Holders of advanced degrees, certificates, and credentials
  • Experts in their respective fields

That said, we believe there’s more to being a successful instructor than degrees, certificates and classroom experience alone. Our tutors share in our philosophy of teaching to the individual and each tutor we hire is gifted in the art of individualizing instruction – whether they are educators by trade, engineers, speech pathologists, accountants, former NASA scientists or published writers.

Moreover, each shares our enthusiasm for inspiring a passion for learning and empowering students to discover their strengths and achieve results.

Our 8-Point Pledge:

1) Tutor-Student Matching: On-Track has a talented pool of tutors with various expertise. We will match your student with a tutor who has the perfect combination of subject knowledge and experience. Further, we understand the importance of compatibility and will do everything we can to ensure a great match is achieved! With plenty of tutors to choose from (70+), a perfect match is on the books!

2) Quality: On-Track tutors participate in rigorous pre-and post-interview processes and trainings. Background checks are performed on each prospective tutor and many have a valid Arizona Fingerprint Clearance card. Each tutor must demonstrate the ability to mentor, role model and teach effectively. We hire only the best individuals who have a passion for education, teaching children, and who desire to continue their own education through ongoing trainings and workshops.

3) Professionalism: On-Track’s tutors adhere to a strict code of conduct and level of professionalism. Plus our administrative team takes care of the behind-the-scenes business aspects of tutoring, which allows our tutors to focus on what they do best: teaching!

4) Accountability: A proud member of the Better Business Bureau and the National Tutoring Association, On-Track is invested in helping your child succeed. We are committed to going above and beyond to give you and your child a great academic experience. Our online Tutoring Management System allows you to check on sessions, read tutor’s notes, and more, at your convenience. Most importantly, we teach our students to be accountable for their own academic success.

5) Reliability: Unexpected things happen, however, when you are working with On-Track you can be assured that we’ve got it covered. Our vast supply of resources guarantees your needs are met should something unexpected occur.

6) Experience and a Proven Track Record: We don’t just serve the community – we live and work in the community! In business since 1999, On-Track is one of only a few locally owned and operated tutoring companies in the Valley. Led by Dana Herzberg, M.Ed., who has worked with children with special needs in the Phoenix area for over a decade, our tutors mirror her enthusiasm for individualized instruction and superior education.

7) Flexibility: On-Track offers a range of tutoring services to fit your family’s needs, schedule, and budget. We have tutoring available one-on-one, in pairs, and in small groups. Our tutors work with you on scheduling and can come to your home, certain school campuses, or our North Scottsdale location. We do not require a minimum number of hours per month. Unlike other companies, you do not have to pay in advance; you pay only for the tutoring you receive.

8) Success: Put simply, On-Track is the BEST choice for tutoring in the valley…but don’t just take our word for it! Read what our students and families have to say about On-Track on our Successes page.

Stacey Martins

BA Psychology/Writing, MA Special Ed/Autism, MS Remedial Reading, Tutor & Executive Function Trainer

Stacey recently moved to Scottsdale and currently teaches Special Education English at Saguaro High in addition to tutoring. She previously lived & taught in Newington, CT, where she was awarded the Spirit of SEPTA by the Special Education Parent Teacher Alliance.

Stacey began working with 7th grade twins, Matthew & Mariye, last September. Here are their thoughts about tutoring:

How did you feel about tutoring before you started, and why?
Matthew: Before I started tutoring with Stacey, I thought tutoring would be useless. Why I thought this, I don’t know, but tutoring with Stacey has helped me improve my grades.

What do you like best about Stacey?
Matthew: She can help me study without getting annoyed; if she has gotten annoyed, I haven’t noticed yet!   Mariye: Stacey is kind and knows how to help me. If I get frustrated, she knows how to help me understand the work that I had trouble with in school.

What is the most helpful thing you’ve learned from her?
Mariye: Stacey has taught me many important things but most helpful was how to memorize, study, and use a planner. Now I get better grades in all my classes.

What do you do differently since you started tutoring?
Matthew: I have a planner and I actually know where my school work is supposed to go.

What would you like to tell other students about getting a tutor?
Matthew: I would say it’s pretty helpful if you aren’t too good at staying on top of your work.   Mariye: It’s extremely helpful. I’ve worked with another tutor before… they were helpful but didn’t understand why I was having trouble with classes and studying. Stacey understood why I was having trouble and figured out how to help.

Stacey, What do you look forward to when working with Matthew & Mariye?
Stacey: I look forward to each session because they both have a great sense of humor and are full of life! I admire how hard working and motivated they both are. They are committed to doing well and have demonstrated that by keeping communication open outside of our sessions. They ask for help, utilize technology and communicate their learning styles in a positive way. Mariye and Matthew are always a pleasure to work with!

What do you to make each of the sessions successful?
Stacey: In order to make each session successful, I do my best to establish a positive relationship with my students. I start my session with a quick check in to see how their week is going and from there begin by reviewing planners to go over the week’s assignments and prioritize needs. I also try my best to make the sessions as engaging as possible. I incorporate technology in my sessions to reteach and practice information so that students truly learn the information. I try my best to quickly establish which methods and strategies work for each student so that I can plan to meet their individual needs.

What do you enjoy most about working with Matthew & Mariye?
Stacey: I am really impressed with Matthew and Mariye’s positive attitudes, motivation and high self-expectations. They strive to do their best, study hard and ask questions. They really are taking ownership of their learning!

What do you want to tell families that are thinking about tutoring?
Stacey: Tutoring is a great way to re-teach information, practice skills and help students regain confidence!

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