Summer Programs

On-Track Tutoring offers a full range of Summer Academics, all one-on-one, at your home or our office, or at another convenient location. Our Summer Programs help students prepare for success in the upcoming school year by offering the support that allows students to catch up, stay “on track,” or get ahead!

  • Strengthen or build essential academic skills
  • Re-take classes to improve GPA (grade replacement)
  • Lighten their course load in the fall
  • Take for-credit classes not offered at their school
  • Get a jump start by earning college credit
  • Prepare for college entrance exams (SAT/ACT)
  • Remediate reading difficulties with multisensory reading programs (Wilson, Lindamood-Bell, etc.)
  • Keep skills sharp and maintain a competitive edge

Academic Skill Building

Improve essential math, reading (fluency and/or comprehension) and writing skills.

“Jump Start” Academics

Using review/preview techniques to boost familiarity with subject matter gives students an advantage when school starts in the Fall.

School Survival Skills with Foundations© (Study Skills & Organization) and Strategic Connections™ (Executive Function Skills)

Teaching the fundamental skills that students often struggle with: note-taking, time management, planning, organization, problem-solving, perspective taking, goal setting, and more.

Essay Writing

Master the Jane Schaffer method that is the “standard” for essay writing in many Arizona high schools. Using strategies from The Writing Institute, On-Track’s unique program, students also learn to write with more skill and confidence, and to think like writers.

Correspondence Course/Independent Study

More flexible than traditional summer school, online courses allow students to earn credits at their own pace. We work with renowned, accredited programs to help with grade replacement, obtain additional high school credits, or earn college credit.

Support for Traditional Summer School

Enrolled in summer school?  Need extra help to successfully complete the class? On-Track can provide as much support as needed, in nearly any subject area!

Individualized SAT/ACT Prep

Preparing during the summer enables students to concentrate on learning the necessary strategies for success on these all-important exams.

Academic success and skills that last a lifetime!

On-Track helps students translate their strengths into tools for academic and life success.

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Our daughter has really been paying better attention in math since she’s been helped by the tutoring and Foundations program. She no longer feels lost and uninterested. She’s excited about challenges now that she has been successful! Thank you so much! It sure has made a difference!

Proud Parent