Study Skills & Organization Program

Foundations© teaches essential strategies for independent learning. Delivered with a multisensory approach, students are taught the skills not always addressed in today’s classrooms.

These essential skills lay the foundation for success in all academic areas. Our program teaches students to learn how to learn – to study smarter, not harder. Students identify their own learning styles, recognize their strengths and meet new challenges head-on.

Our Foundations program encompasses:

  • Study Skills

  • Time Management

  • Organization Techniques

  • Test-Taking Strategies

  • Goal Setting

  • Time Processing

  • Note-Taking Tactics

  • Project Management

  • Memorization Techniques

  • Color-Coding Strategies

  • Reading Comprehension Techniques

Multisensory Reading Instruction

Multisensory reading instruction is crucial for beginning readers and those who have been diagnosed with reading difficulties. Through multisensory instruction, students engage in activities that intentionally use more than one sense at a time, such as sight, sound, movement and touch, to help them connect language to words and master concepts. In the world of reading, most of the multisensory programs are founded in the principles of Orton-Gillingham — an approach highly regarded by educational researchers and practitioners through the decades. Since the development of Orton-Gillingham, many multisensory programs have come into the educational marketplace. Many districts & schools have adopted programs such as Barton, Spalding, Slingerland, S.P.I.R.E., Wilson Language, Lindamood-Bell, etc. — all multisensory language programs with variances in teacher training, materials, and approach of delivery.

With struggling readers, multisensory instruction delivered by a highly qualified tutor is OTT’s standard practice. On-Track’s tutors provide a customized approach to multisensory reading based on each individual student’s needs and learning style.

Multisensory Reading Programs

Through years of reviewing research and using many of the Orton-Gillingham-based programs we have determined that Wilson Language Training and Lindamood-Bell programs most closely align with our philosophy of teaching and learning.

Correspondence Course Support

Your child can earn middle school, high school or college credit from home through On-Track’s Correspondence Course program! More flexible than traditional courses, correspondence/independent study courses allow students to complete courses at their own pace. We work only with renowned, accredited programs to ensure that your child’s credits count!

How it Works:

Students receive face-to-face, direct instruction and support from one of our outstanding tutors, complete online assignments, and take proctored exams. Students work at their own pace and can complete courses in as little as six-to-eight weeks. Students generally meet with their assigned tutors (one-on-one) twice a week or more for the duration of the course. On-Track offers support for correspondence courses only from accredited university programs.

Students Can:

  • Repeat a course (replace a low or failing grade)
  • Complete a semester or year
  • Take courses to get ahead (college credit can often be earned while a student is still in high school!)

Summer Programs

On-Track Tutoring offers a full range of Summer Academics, all one-on-one, at your home or our office, or at another convenient location. Our Summer Programs help students prepare for success in the upcoming school year by offering the support that allows students to catch up, stay “on track,” or get ahead!

  • Strengthen or build essential academic skills
  • Re-take classes to improve GPA (grade replacement)
  • Lighten their course load in the fall

  • Take for-credit classes not offered at their school
  • Get a jump start by earning college credit
  • Prepare for college entrance exams (SAT/ACT)
  • Remediate reading difficulties with multisensory reading programs (Wilson, Lindamood-Bell, etc.)
  • Keep skills sharp and maintain a competitive edge

I like the training, the flexibility, and the unique subjects (I never thought I would tutor a gifted four year old in music). I also think Karen and the team do a fantastic job of managing everything!

On-Track Strategic Connections Coach and General Academic Tutor