Study Skills & Organization Program

Foundations© teaches essential strategies for independent learning. Delivered with a multi-sensory approach, students are taught the skills not always addressed in today’s classrooms.

These essential skills lay the foundation for success in all academic areas. Our program teaches students how to learn – to study smarter, not harder. Students identify their own learning styles, recognize their strengths, and meet new challenges head-on.

Our Foundations program encompasses:

  • Study Skills

  • Time Management

  • Organization Techniques
  • Test-Taking Strategies
  • Goal Setting
  • Time Processing

  • Note-Taking Tactics
  • Project Management

  • Memorization Techniques
  • Color-Coding Strategies

  • Reading Comprehension Techniques

Multi-sensory Reading Instruction

Multi-sensory reading instruction is crucial for beginning readers and those who have been diagnosed with reading difficulties. Through multi-sensory instruction, students engage in activities that intentionally use more than one sense at a time, such as sight, sound, movement and touch, to help them connect language to words and master concepts. In the world of reading, most of the multisensory programs are founded in the principles of Orton-Gillingham — an approach highly regarded by educational researchers and practitioners through the decades. Since the development of Orton-Gillingham, many multisensory programs have come into the educational marketplace. Many districts & schools have adopted programs such as Barton, Spalding, Slingerland, S.P.I.R.E., Wilson Language, Lindamood-Bell, etc. — all multi-sensory language programs with variances in teacher training, materials, and approach of delivery.

With struggling readers, multi-sensory instruction delivered by a highly qualified tutor is On-Track’s standard practice. On-Track’s tutors provide a customized approach to multi-sensory reading based on each individual student’s needs and learning style.

Through years of reviewing research and using many of the Orton-Gillingham-based programs we have determined that Wilson Language Training and Lindamood-Bell programs most closely align with our philosophy of teaching and learning.

Correspondence Course Support

Your child can earn middle school, high school or college credits from home through On-Track’s Correspondence Course program! More flexible than traditional courses, correspondence/independent study courses allow students to complete courses at their own pace. We work only with renowned, accredited programs to ensure that your child’s credits count!

How it Works:

Students receive face-to-face, direct instruction and support from one of our outstanding tutors, complete online assignments, and take proctored exams. Students work at their own pace and can complete courses in as little as six-to-eight weeks. Students generally meet with their assigned tutors (one-on-one) twice a week or more for the duration of the course. On-Track offers support for correspondence courses only from accredited university programs.

With This Program, Students Can:

  • Repeat a course (replace a low or failing grade)

  • Complete a semester or year
  • Take courses to get ahead (college credit can often be earned while a student is still in high school!)

Summer Programs

On-Track Tutoring offers a full range of Summer Academics, all one-on-one, at your home or another convenient location. Our Summer Programs help students prepare for success in the upcoming school year by offering the support that allows students to catch up, stay “on track,” or get ahead!

  • Strengthen or build essential academic skills

  • Re-take classes to improve GPA (grade replacement)

  • Lighten their course load in the fall

  • Take for-credit classes not offered at their school
  • Prepare for college entrance exams (SAT/ACT)

  • Remediate reading difficulties with multisensory reading programs (Wilson, Lindamood-Bell, etc.)

  • Keep skills sharp and maintain a competitive edge

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my child will benefit from tutoring?2020-05-06T16:33:08-07:00

On-Track is unique in that we offer primarily one-on-one tutoring services. If your child is easily distracted, struggles in one or more academic areas, appears disorganized or has difficulty passing tests, On-Track’s individualized tutoring approach may be most effective in helping your child achieve academically.

What kind of results can we expect?2020-05-06T16:33:36-07:00

Strategies taught during tutoring sessions must be used repeatedly to develop new habits and routines. Students who are diligent about using the new strategies will see faster, global outcomes resulting in improved test and class grades. It is important to remember that the tutor-student-parent team must always work in conjunction to ensure the strongest outcomes.

How will I know how my child is doing?2020-05-06T16:33:59-07:00

You’ll have access to an online parent portal, where you can view session notes and reports which reflect session topics, current grades and any suggestions or concerns from your tutor. In addition, your tutor is available to you directly via cell phone and email.

How should we prepare for our first tutoring session? For subsequent sessions?2020-05-06T16:34:24-07:00

Home-based clients need to find a tutoring location that is free from distractions and has all supplies and resources at-hand. Students should be prepared at EACH session with an assignment calendar, all textbooks, and notebooks/binders. Being unprepared for sessions leads to incomplete tutoring sessions.

What is an appropriate tutoring location?2020-05-06T16:34:49-07:00

The most appropriate tutoring location depends on the child and available environment. Tutoring should always be conducted in a quiet place with supplies and resources readily available, with minimal distractions.

Do I need to be home when my child receives in-home tutoring?2020-05-06T16:35:11-07:00

Yes. In order to build the most effective tutoring team, your participation is key.

Is it okay to ask my tutor to drive my student to an appointment following tutoring sessions?2020-05-06T16:35:36-07:00

No. Tutors are never to transport your child.

What is On-Track’s homework philosophy?2020-05-06T16:36:12-07:00

Homework should be manageable and not take an excessive amount of time for completion; rather, it is an opportunity for practice and enrichment. While tutors may utilize homework as a springboard for in-depth teaching opportunities, it should never be the central focus of the tutoring session. In short, homework completion is not tutoring. Teaching strategies to optimize learning is tutoring. Tutoring will guide students to independent learning and enable them to achieve academic success.

Do you do background checks on your tutors?2020-05-06T16:36:34-07:00

Yes. We perform extensive checks on every tutor.

How can I schedule additional sessions with our tutor?2020-05-06T16:36:55-07:00

All scheduling related questions or changes must be made directly with your tutor. If you discover that you need a tutor for additional subject-matter, please contact the office and we will match your child with a supplementary tutor. In this case, we will ensure that tutors are working toward the same goals with your student.

What if we need to cancel a session?2020-05-06T16:37:14-07:00

Our tutors require 24 hours notice of cancellations. Cancellations must be made directly with your tutor, NOT the office. Cancellations not made within a 24 hour period will be billed at the regular hourly rate.

What is an IEP?2020-05-06T16:37:34-07:00

Individual Education Plans (IEP) are developed in public school settings when a child is found eligible for special education services. The IEP serves to establish goals and benchmarks which are carefully monitored to determine periodic and annual progress.

What is a 504 plan?2020-05-06T16:37:58-07:00

504 Accommodation Plans are developed when a child has a disability that is recognized under the Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. The accommodation plan serves to outline appropriate accommodations to help the child succeed despite limitations resulting from his/her diagnosed disability.

Academic success and skills that last a lifetime!

Regardless of students’ learning challenges, On-Track will find the keys to unlock your student’s learning strengths.

I can, without hesitation, refer families to On-Track and know that they will get excellent attention and quality service.

Dr. Jennifer Gatt, Child and Adolescent Neuropsychologist

Students with learning and attention deficit disorders require comprehensive and systematic programs of support, that include direct instruction in the strategies and techniques that can help them to cope with… Read full testimonial »

Dr. Chris Nicholls, Nicholls Group Licensed Psychologist

I was having difficulties with reading comprehension and Dana recognized the situation. She provided testing to understand my problems more in-depth. As a result I began working with a wonderful… Read full testimonial »

Rachel, College Student

Dana Herzberg and On-Track Tutoring was everything we were looking for when we needed to find help for our son. Our son had been diagnosed with several learning challenges and… Read full testimonial »

The Lee Family

We love On-Track and its staff. Our son has worked well with each of his tutors, and we all thank On-Track for their support over the years. You make a… Read full testimonial »

Proud Parent

I have been meaning to let you know how deeply important our tutor has been in our lives!! She is by far the most gifted, inspiring teacher I have encountered… Read full testimonial »

Proud Parent

Our child has just started On-Track’s SAT program on a one-to-one basis with one of your tutors. He has taken Princeton AND Sylvan courses and said that he has already… Read full testimonial »

Proud Parent

The way our daughter’s new tutor speaks of On-Track shows that she has the utmost respect for what you are undertaking and she seems very pleased to be a part… Read full testimonial »

Proud Parent

Thank you so very much for sending our tutor to us! He is bright, talented, wonderful and a natural tutor. He understands our daughter and instructs as he tutors and… Read full testimonial »

Proud Parent

Our daughter has really been paying better attention in math since she’s been helped by the tutoring and Foundations program. She no longer feels lost and uninterested. She’s excited about… Read full testimonial »

Proud Parent

On-Track Tutoring has helped my son achieve better grades and develop a higher sense of self-esteem.

Proud Parent

My tutor is very patient and helps me see some of the most difficult stuff in the most obvious ways.

OTT Middle-School Student

We think [OTT Tutor] is great. He explains things so that she can understand and retain that information.

Parent of a High School Junior receiving Algebra II support

The [OTT Strategic Connections Coach] has been a great match not just for our son, but for our family.

Mother of a son with Autism/ADHD who receives Executive Function Skills Training

On Track Tutoring, led by Dana Herzberg, has been a tutor, advocate and friend to my family for about 9 years. Dana began one-on-one tutoring with my oldest son Ben… Read full testimonial »

Karen and Bill Powell

I like the training, the flexibility, and the unique subjects (I never thought I would tutor a gifted four year old in music). I also think Karen and the team… Read full testimonial »

On-Track Strategic Connections Coach and General Academic Tutor

I love the students I have worked with through On-Track. I have worked for several years with my students and it is so exciting to see their progress. I always… Read full testimonial »

Special Ed and General Academic Tutor with OTT since 2008

We love On-Track and its staff. Our son has worked well with each of his tutors, and we all thank On-Track for their support over the years. You make a… Read full testimonial »

Proud Parent
[On-Track Tutor] has been such a great help because she communicates! I have seen a lot of improvement since she has been Jessica’s tutor.
The Teacher of an 11th Grader receiving support in English, AZ/US History, World History, Psychology, Algebra, and Biology
[OTT Tutor] is a very qualified tutor. We are starting to see improvements in Darcy’s math grades!
Mother of a 7th Grade National Junior Honors Society Student

I think this is an amazing company. The staff (especially Karen) is supportive, easy to get a hold of, and does a great job of following up on any concerns.… Read full testimonial »

OTT K-12 Cross-Categorical Special Ed Tutor and EF Coach

We have noticed that [OTT Tutor’s] tutelage has improved Harry’s reading fluency.

Mother of 4th Grade Student receiving support for Reading Comprehension and Fluency

We think [OTT Tutor] is great. He explains things so that she can understand and retain that information.

Parent of a High School Junior receiving Algebra II support

She [OTT Tutor] presents herself in a very organized and professional manner. I have high trust and confidence in her ability. Our son also seems to respond positively to her… Read full testimonial »

Mother of 6th Grade Student receiving support with Wilson Reading Program

He [On-Track Tutor] has been extremely professional, and is a nice person. Christopher does feel like he’s benefited from working with him and has enjoyed his sessions! [OTT Tutor] is… Read full testimonial »

Mother of 11th Grader receiving Test Prep (ACT) services

Your years of patience, guidance, and teaching are paying off for our son!

Proud Parent

My husband and I recently worked with On-Track Tutoring for family coaching and early childhood services. We were looking for methods to help us with our 3-year-old son and with… Read full testimonial »

Mom of 3-year-old Braden

I enjoy working with On-Track, needless to say for many years, because I love the administration, staff and teachers that work with Jones-Gordon and On-Track. We are all on the… Read full testimonial »

OTT Reading & Writing Tutor and Strategic Connections Coach since 2006

I love working for OTT for many reasons! The staff is so supportive, thoughtful, and flexible. The pay rate is generous and the schedule flexibility is great! I appreciate being… Read full testimonial »

Tutor with OTT since 2014

He [OTT Tutor] has been great! He’s exactly the kind of person I was hoping you’d be able to find for Chris. He’s passionate about his subject matter and it… Read full testimonial »

Father of a 9th Grade Honors English Student

She [OTT Strategic Connections Coach] has been a perfect choice for Cole. She is very professional and personable. The manner in which she talks to Cole and relates to him… Read full testimonial »

Mother of 6th Grader receiving Executive Function Skills support

Our son has struggled with keeping up with schoolwork and maintaining his grades since 2nd grade. He has worked pretty consistently with tutors to help him stay organized and get… Read full testimonial »

Jennifer, Mom of a High School Student receiving Executive Function and Academic Tutoring