Our son has struggled with keeping up with schoolwork and maintaining his grades since 2nd grade. He has worked pretty consistently with tutors to help him stay organized and get his work completed. He has struggled to maintain passing grades in all subjects, and even with the help of a tutor is often missing assignments and doing poorly on tests. As he transitioned from 8th grade into high school, we were feeling pretty unsure how we could get him through high school and we were looking into non college alternatives for after graduation.

We are so thankful that On-Track Tutoring was recommended to us by his psychologist and his counselor. Our son began high school playing sports, and he has maintained his grades with a 3.1 GPA. His goals are to raise his grades and we are seeing a new future for our son. His former tutors were teachers, but his new OTT tutor has specialized training in areas that our son greatly lacks. She is consistent with him, and very professional with us. She has worked around his sports schedule, and really helped him improve in some of his most deficient areas.

We could not be happier with the service provided by On-Track Tutoring and our OTT Tutor in particular. We get detailed reports on the time spent, and billing is correct and clear every month.

Thank you On-Track Tutoring for helping our family and giving us hope!