On Track Tutoring, led by Dana Herzberg, has been a tutor, advocate and friend to my family for about 9 years. Dana began one-on-one tutoring with my oldest son Ben who was in 8th grade when we first received his diagnosis of ADHD. She helped us begin to understand Ben’s learning needs and passionately advocated for him throughout his high school years. Even when she or one of her team was not actively tutoring him she continued to be a friend and mentor to him whenever possible. Dana was at times the only source of support we had through many difficult times. Dana’s dedication to her families and students is extraordinary. She sets high standards for her team of tutors and each and every time they have demonstrated the same level of compassion and expertise that sets On Track Tutoring apart from other services.

On Track Tutoring and Dana herself have continued to guide and teach our other two sons over the years in a variety of ways. One of the tutors has tutored all three of my boys through Math and other sciences. She has earned their respect and gratitude for always finding the right way to let them see the light of learning when they really did not think they could. She accomplished this despite the fact that they each had very different learning styles and needs. Just this year my son who is a now a Junior at Loyola Marymount contacted his former tutor to proudly inform her of his “A” in his college Math class. He credits her to this day for her help in making this possible. We continue to trust Dana and her team with tutoring our youngest son as he faces a rigorous academic schedule at Brophy.

It is exciting to watch the growth of the services provided by On Track Tutoring. We are confident that this growth still maintains the personal and caring attention that is the foundation of Dana Herzberg’s vision of meeting the needs of every student. Dana’s passion to celebrate the learning needs of every child is the example that should be followed by every educator. We are sincerely appreciative to have been a family that has experienced this level of caring and support.