On-Track’s Different Approach to Learning Differences

Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, ADHD, Twice Exceptionalities… Children with diagnosed learning disabilities and other learning challenges just learn in a different way. We believe it’s our job to identify each student’s learning style, strengths, and areas in need of improvement, and then teach the way they learn. It’s that simple.

On-Track’s tutors are experts with implementing instructional strategies for diverse learners and believe that adaptation and flexibility are at the heart of effective instruction.

Our tutors have the unique advantage of sharing the research and resource assets of our full-time school dedicated to students who learn differently (The Jones-Gordon School). This relationship allows them to draw from a wide range of specialty curriculums and teaching methodologies, as needed, to deliver truly customized academic support services to our tutoring students with learning differences.

Tutoring Scholarships from Martin Miracles, Inc.

martin-miraclesOn-Track Tutoring is proud to sponsor Martin Miracles, Inc., a non-profit organization helping children transform their disabilities into abilities by providing scholarships for tutoring services. If your K-12 child is an Arizona resident and has a current MET, Individual Education Plan (IEP), or a 504 Plan, please contact Martin Miracles for information on tutoring scholarships.

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