What parents, students, & colleagues say about On-Track:

“We love On-Track and its staff. Our son has worked well with each of his tutors, and we all thank On-Track for their support over the years. You make a huge difference in the lives of students and their families.”
Proud Parent
“First and most importantly, I have been meaning to let you know how deeply important our tutor has been in our lives!! She is by far the most gifted, inspiring teacher I have encountered (& I’ve been teaching for 14 years). She has changed my daughter’s life in more ways than one and, simply put, is just totally amazing!!! Her passion for what she does is so apparent & shines through our daughter in her love of learning. I can not imagine being without her. You have a fabulous & dynamic program & I look forward to working with you for as long as our tutor will take us!!”
Proud Parent
“Students with learning and attention deficit disorders require comprehensive and systematic programs of support, that include direct instruction in the strategies and techniques that can help them to cope with or bypass their information processing disorders. More often than not, such instruction is rejected if it is provided by the parents, who often don’t know where to begin and have no training in what to do. I have found that the services and tutors available through On-Track Tutoring are welcomed by students and parents alike, and are some of the most important sources of empowerment for the students to take responsibility for their own needs, and to become successful. The feedback I receive regarding On-Track Tutoring is always very positive.”
Dr. Chris Nicholls, Licensed Psychologist with the Nicholls Group
“I can without hesitation refer families to On-Track and know that they will get excellent attention and quality service.”
Dr. Jennifer Gatt, child and adolescent neuropsychologist
“Our child has just started On-Track’s SAT program on a one-to-one basis with one of your tutors. He has taken Princeton AND Sylvan courses and said that he has already learned so much more from On-Track’s strategies. He said there are new things he has never seen. Look at that!”
Proud Parent
“Your years of patience, guidance, and teaching are paying off for our son!”
Proud Parent
“My husband and I recently worked with On-Track Tutoring for family coaching and early childhood services. We were looking for methods to help us with our 3-year-old son and with his constant frustrations. We liked [OTT Tutor] immediately and were interested in what she could offer us in terms of coming into our home and giving us some tools to use with our son. I have to say that our experience with her has been one of the best experiences we’ve had in a long time. She has helped us in a variety of ways, from very simple modifications such as empathizing with our son’s frustrations to more complicated strategies such as role playing for Braden so that he understands discipline. There are no words to describe the change in Braden over the last few weeks. I feel more confident in how I deal with him because of [OTT Tutor’s] suggestions. I have to admit that I was quite skeptical about some of her approaches. Many times I would think in my head, “That’s not going to work with Braden.” But I went ahead and tried anyway because frankly, what did I have to lose? I couldn’t believe the results. I could go on and on. And I plan on continuing to use [OTT Tutor] in the future whenever we come upon a stumbling block that we can’t seem to resolve ourselves. This is a wonderful, wonderful service that I think every parent should know about. It should be a standard gift at every baby shower. They say children don’t come with manuals, which is so true, but if you have a person who can coach you in how to deal with certain behaviors, it’s truly wonderful.”
Mom of 3-year-old Braden
” I was having difficulties with reading comprehension and Dana recognized the situation. She provided testing to understand my problems more in-depth. As a result I began working with a wonderful tutor, finished high school, and I am now a first-year student at our community college. I would definitely recommend the services of On-Track Tutoring.”
Rachel, College Student
“Dana Herzberg and On-Track Tutoring was everything we were looking for when we needed to find help for our son. Our son had been diagnosed with several learning challenges and has severe problems in written expression and AD/HD. Dana not only found the right tutors for our son but she helped educate both my husband and me on what our rights were as parents. She saw to it that we got the right accommodations for him at school and on numerous occasions she attended meetings with us as our consultant. There is absolutely no way our son would be where he is today without the help of Dana Herzberg. Dana is so passionate about what she does, and we all are so grateful to her. My son is twenty three years old now and he is great friends with Dana. I guess you could say she is an on-going life-coach for him as well. Thank you Dana, you are a true blessing!”
The Lee Family
“I enjoy working with On-Track, needless to say for many years, because I love the administration, staff and teachers that work with Jones-Gordon and On-Track. We are all on the same page and I seldom get to work with 100% competent people. You have allowed flexibility with my changing schedule year after year and I appreciate being treated with respect for my skills and judgment. I do enjoy the families and the students I have had the pleasure of working with over the years with you. “We” are the best and the families that value quality education and support for their children know that. Reputation counts for everything!”

OTT Reading & Writing Tutor and Strategic Connections Coach since 2006
“I love working for OTT for many reasons! The staff is so supportive, thoughtful, and flexible. The pay rate is generous and the schedule flexibility is great! I appreciate being able to participate in trainings offered by OTT, such as the Singapore Math training I attended. The students and families are awesome as well!”
Tutor with OTT since 2014
“[OTT Tutor] has been great! He’s exactly the kind of person I was hoping you’d be able to find for Chris. He’s passionate about his subject matter and it shows in his work. Chris is really enjoying his sessions and looks forward to them each week. I asked [OTT Tutor] to assign additional work beyond helping Chris with his current school work, which he did. [OTT Tutor] gave Chris a short story to read and deconstruct and they have been working on that too. Chris actually liked it so much that he suggested that my wife and I read it too. He’s NEVER recommended a story or a book to us so [OTT Tutor] is doing something right!”
Father of a 9th Grade Honors English Student
“I like the training, the flexibility, and the unique subjects (I never thought I would tutor a gifted four year old in music). I also think Karen and the team do a fantastic job of managing everything!”
On-Track Strategic Connections Coach and General Academic Tutor
“[OTT Strategic Connections Coach] has been a perfect choice for Cole. She is very professional and personable. The manner in which she talks to Cole and relates to him has made Cole very comfortable.”
Mother of 6th Grader receiving Executive Function Skills support
“Our son has struggled with keeping up with schoolwork and maintaining his grades since 2nd grade. He has worked pretty consistently with tutors to help him stay organized and get his work completed. He has struggled to maintain passing grades in all subjects, and even with the help of a tutor is often missing assignments and doing poorly on tests. As he transitioned from 8th grade into high school, we were feeling pretty unsure how we could get him through high school and we were looking into non college alternatives for after graduation.

We are so thankful that On-Track Tutoring was recommended to us by his psychologist and his counselor. Our son began high school playing sports, and he has maintained his grades with a 3.1 GPA. His goals are to raise his grades and we are seeing a new future for our son. His former tutors were teachers, but his new OTT tutor has specialized training in areas that our son greatly lacks. She is consistent with him, and very professional with us. She has worked around his sports schedule, and really helped him improve in some of his most deficient areas.

We could not be happier with the service provided by On-Track Tutoring and our OTT Tutor in particular. We get detailed reports on the time spent, and billing is correct and clear every month.

Thank you On-Track Tutoring for helping our family and giving us hope!”

Jennifer, Mom of a High School Student receiving Executive Function and Academic Tutoring
“The way our daughter’s new tutor speaks of On-Track shows that she has the utmost respect for what you are undertaking and she seems very pleased to be a part of it. Our daughter is acting as if a weight has been lifted from her shoulders. Her tutor is very flexible, upfront, confident and excited to take on another student. We look forward to working with her!”
Proud Parent
“Our daughter has really been paying better attention in math since she’s been helped by the tutoring and Foundations program. She no longer feels lost and uninterested. She’s excited about challenges now that she has been successful! Thank you so much! It sure has made a difference!”
Proud Parent
“Thank you so very much for sending our tutor to us! He is bright, talented, wonderful and a natural tutor. He understands our daughter and instructs as he tutors and brings out the best in her. I have asked him if he will tutor in PSAT/SAT and language over the summer. We LOVE him!”
Proud Parent
“On-Track Tutoring has helped my son achieve better grades and develop a higher sense of self-esteem.”
Proud Parent
“My tutor is very patient and helps me see some of the most difficult stuff in the most obvious ways.”
“On Track Tutoring, led by Dana Herzberg, has been a tutor, advocate and friend to my family for about 9 years. Dana began one-on-one tutoring with my oldest son Ben who was in 8th grade when we first received his diagnosis of ADHD. She helped us begin to understand Ben’s learning needs and passionately advocated for him throughout his high school years. Even when she or one of her team was not actively tutoring him she continued to be a friend and mentor to him whenever possible. Dana was at times the only source of support we had through many difficult times. Dana’s dedication to her families and students is extraordinary. She sets high standards for her team of tutors and each and every time they have demonstrated the same level of compassion and expertise that sets On Track Tutoring apart from other services.

On Track Tutoring and Dana herself have continued to guide and teach our other two sons over the years in a variety of ways. One of the tutors has tutored all three of my boys through Math and other sciences. She has earned their respect and gratitude for always finding the right way to let them see the light of learning when they really did not think they could. She accomplished this despite the fact that they each had very different learning styles and needs. Just this year my son who is a now a Junior at Loyola Marymount contacted his former tutor to proudly inform her of his “A” in his college Math class. He credits her to this day for her help in making this possible. We continue to trust Dana and her team with tutoring our youngest son as he faces a rigorous academic schedule at Brophy.

It is exciting to watch the growth of the services provided by On Track Tutoring. We are confident that this growth still maintains the personal and caring attention that is the foundation of Dana Herzberg’s vision of meeting the needs of every student. Dana’s passion to celebrate the learning needs of every child is the example that should be followed by every educator. We are sincerely appreciative to have been a family that has experienced this level of caring and support.”

Karen and Bill Powell
“[On-Track Tutor] has been such a great help because she communicates! I have seen a lot of improvement since she has been Jessica’s tutor.”
The Teacher of an 11th Grader receiving support in English, AZ/US History, World History, Psychology, Algebra, and Biology
“[OTT Tutor] is a very qualified tutor. We are starting to see improvements in Darcy’s math grades!”
Mother of a 7th Grade National Junior Honors Society Student
“I think this is an amazing company. The staff (especially Karen) is supportive, easy to get a hold of, and does a great job of following up on any concerns. I enjoy getting to know my tutoring students and their families. I feel working one-on-one is the best way to build confidence and motivate students to take accountability for themselves.”

OTT K-12 Cross-Categorical Special Ed Tutor and EF Coach
“I love the students I have worked with through On-Track. I have worked for several years with my students and it is so exciting to see their progress. I always feel so welcome in their homes. I also like the training session you have offered like the Singapore Math I attended.”

Special Ed and General Academic Tutor with OTT since 2008
“We have noticed that [OTT Tutor’s] tutelage has improved Harry’s reading fluency.”
Mother of 4th Grade Student receiving support for Reading Comprehension and Fluency
“We think [OTT Tutor] is great. He explains things so that she can understand and retain that information.”
Parent of a High School Junior receiving Algebra II support
“[OTT Strategic Connections Coach] has been a great match not just for our son but our family.”
Mother of a son with Autism/ADHD who receives Executive Function Skills Training
“She [OTT Tutor] presents herself in a very organized and professional manner. I have high trust and confidence in her ability. Our son also seems to respond positively to her approach.”
Mother of 6th Grade Student receiving support with Wilson Reading Program
“[On-Track Tutor] has been extremely professional, and is a nice person. Christopher does feel like he’s benefited from working with him and has enjoyed his sessions! [OTT Tutor] is a keeper. I would not hesitate to have him come back and work with Christopher, and I do plan to ask him to come back.”
Mother of 11th Grader receiving Test Prep (ACT) services

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