Strategy-Based Writing

On-Track’s Strategy-Based Writing support combines state-of-the-art curriculum and methodologies to teach the fundamental and advanced elements of writing.

Writing well is an essential skill that every student should learn in order to excel in the classroom and beyond. An effective method of conveying thoughts, ideas, and facts, writing is critical to improving communication skills, grammar, and critical thinking. A complex process, writing does not come naturally to most students, and those with learning differences often find writing particularly difficult.

On-Track teaches students specific, concrete strategies for improving all forms of writing.

On-Track has partnered with major universities and writing experts to create our one-of-a kind Strategy-Based approach to writing support.  Developed by researchers at Vanderbilt University, who have been credited for their outstanding research in writing for more than 25 years, this methodology is used in conjunction with your child’s school-designated core-writing instruction program (e.g. Six-Traits, Jane Schaffer).

Our expert instructors are able to develop and hone writing skills in students of all abilities and at all levels using strategy-based instruction. Whether working on skills such as pre-writing, organization, sentence structure, paragraph cohesion, essay or research paper development, we teach the process of writing through a method designed to help students learn and utilize the strategies used by skilled writers. By implementing these strategies, the program encourages students to monitor, evaluate and revise their writing, improving not only the quality of students’ writing, but also their knowledge of the writing process. Students become better able to negotiate the rules and mechanics of writing, while maintaining a focus on factors such as organization, form, purpose, goals, audience and perspectives.

Students may struggle with writing for a number of reasons:

  • Deficient planning and organization skills

  • Language, attention, memory, or fine motor challenges
  • Lack of knowledge of the mechanics or the process of writing

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Inspired by On-Track founder Dana Herzberg’s passion for writing and her desire to help students become thoughtful, capable and confident writers, On-Track’s Strategy-Based Writing support can help fill the gap between what is taught in the classroom and what students actually need to learn to become successful writers.

Supporting students of ALL abilities.

On-Track develops and hones writing skills in students of all abilities and at all levels using strategy-based instruction.

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