One-on-One Home-Based Tutoring

Our home-based students receive the highest quality instruction paired with the convenience and security of learning in their own home.

Unlike On-Track Tutoring, a “learning center” or “education center” typically has a set curriculum, several students at different levels with each tutor, and you may even see different tutors each time. Many centers require pre-payments, and will not offer refunds for missed sessions. On-Track offers an entirely different approach.

How is On-Track different? And what are the benefits to home-based tutoring?

In-home tutors work in the family’s own home, providing a private, safe, and comfortable place to learn.

In-home tutoring solves any potential transportation issues the family may have. As an alternative, your tutor can also meet at another location such as a library or community center.

Tutors schedule sessions with each family finding times that work for you. Additionally, tutoring at home gives you the flexibilty to lenghten session times or add sessions as needed.

A tailored academic plan is designed for each student, taking into account the student’s abilities and learning style. While your child’s coursework serves as the core curriculum for helping him or her succeed in his or her classroom, On-Track tutors also have access to our extensive library of resources and hand-on materials to help your child better understand the subject matter.

The home environment is the optimal place to teach home learning & study habits, and one-on-one instruction is the most effective way to help children who may be behind in their coursework to discover the learning styles and methods that can catch them up.

On-Track requires no long-term contracts or monthly minimums. Unlike other services, you do not have to pay in advance; you pay only for the tutoring you receive.

On-Track serves elementary, middle and high school, and college-level students of all abilities.

Academic success and skills that last a lifetime.

Regardless of students’ learning challenges, On-Track
will find the keys to unlock your student’s learning strengths.

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