The Jones-Gordon School

Cultivating Strengths, Transforming Lives!

Our sister company, The Jones-Gordon School (JGS) is a small, private day school that provides an individualized, strengths-based approach to education in an environment where diverse learners thrive. Our unique program combines the following components essential for whole-child well-being, effective learning and student success:

  • Multisensory, research-based curriculum and experiential learning;
  • Small class size (8 or fewer kids in core classes);
  • Daily FLEX Hour for remediation, acceleration, or enrichment;
  • Executive function and social skills are taught through explicit instruction as well as woven into the fabric of every school day (Our motto: Every teacher, Every Student, Every Period, Every Day!);
  • Personalized positive reinforcement systems & behavioral supports facilitated by on-site BCBA, social worker, and school psychologist;
  • STEM, field studies, service learning, & gifted/twice exceptional (2e) programs;
  • On-site, certified & licensed speech/language pathologists & occupational therapists;
  • Highly-skilled teachers and administrators who are passionate about education and who understand how kids—especially those with learning differences—learn!

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A Family of Educational Services

The Jones-Gordon School and On-Track Tutoring (OTT) are divisions of Herzberg Educational Services, Inc. (HES), owned and operated by Dana Herzberg, M.Ed.  With more than 20 years in the education industry, Dana is well known in the Phoenix Metro area for her work with students who have learning differences, including dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, and twice exceptionalities (giftedness in addition to learning difficulties). Dana founded On-Track Tutoring in 1999, knowing the impact that one-on-one tutoring can have on a student’s life. Through OTT, Dana coaches an army of tutors in an effort to help students achieve their academic potential. Through The Jones-Gordon School she empowers students to succeed despite learning differences in an educational environment that is built for their success. Both organizations employ Dana Herzberg’s proprietary programs: Foundations™, a study skills and organization program that provides students with tools and strategies required for long-term, independent academic and life success; and Strategic Connections©, a comprehensive executive function skills program. Read more of Dana’s story here.

[On-Track Tutor] has been extremely professional, and is a nice person. Christopher does feel like he’s benefited from working with him and has enjoyed his sessions! [OTT Tutor] is a keeper. I would not hesitate to have him come back and work with Christopher, and I do plan to ask him to come back.

Mother of 11th Grader receiving Test Prep (ACT) services