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Tutor Spotlight Archive

Suelynn Gerardo

Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and History, Master’s Degree in History, Grade 7-College Tutor/Writing Specialist

Suelynn has been with On-Track since Dana founded the business in 1999. Though she took occasional breaks over the years to pursue other interests, her love of tutoring, and of OTT, always brought her back!

Suelynn began her career in education teaching college history. She started tutoring on the side and, once she discovered the incredible impact one-on-one tutoring can have, she was hooked! Now that she’s been tutoring for more than twenty years, Suelynn enjoys the distinct privilege of remaining in contact with some of her former students. For her, few things are more rewarding than hearing from them how the skills and confidence they gained through tutoring have helped propel them to successful careers and happy lives.

As a student, Suelynn developed a passion for history and a love for writing. So it’s no surprise that when she’s not tutoring, she loves to escape into a good book. Historical fiction is her favorite, and she even hopes to contribute to that genre herself one day. Although she’s lived in Arizona for nearly 25 years, this native Wisconsinite is still a Midwestern girl at heart. She’ll take a ribeye and a slice of apple pie over sushi any day!

After spending a semester in Germany during college, Suelynn was bitten by the travel bug, and she considers Copenhagen, Prague, Vienna, London, and Edinburgh some of the most beautiful places she’s visited. These days, most of her traveling is within Arizona, but she lives in the hope of adding more stamps to her passport. She recently married an Arizona native, so we’re guessing that Suelynn will remain a part of the On-Track team…maybe for another twenty years. 😉


Amanda Justl

Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, K-8 Tutor

Amanda joined our OTT Family in 2016 and quickly became one of our most respected tutors. A fourth grade teacher who is known to say, “I thrive on thinking about what else I can incorporate into my students’ current learning,” it’s easy to see that Amanda was meant to be a teacher! As a student, she loved writing because she feels that slowly drawing a reader into her work is one of the most satisfying feelings she can get.

Outside of teaching or tutoring, Amanda loves to paint. Although she doesn’t have the time to paint as often as she would like, she says that when she does paint, as soon as her paintbrush touches the canvas, she is transported to a peaceful and tranquil place. Conversely, Amanda enjoys being outside and playing sports. If a soccer ball is not available, you’ll find her running around with her fur babies – two huskies who are her pride and joy!

A California native, Amanda moved to Arizona to attend ASU but the beach is still Amanda’s favorite place to be, with Newport Beach or the tropical island of Kauai topping her list of favorites. She will never turn down a good steak and potato meal or a hot fudge sundae, but she cannot go without tacos for more than a week at a time. The Bahamas was the furthest Amanda has traveled away from her favorite Mexican restaurant!

We are so happy to have lots of good Mexican restaurants in Scottsdale (and are just a quick flight to many beaches) and look forward to having Amanda on our team for many years to come!


Amber Struthers

PhD, Education in Curriculum Instruction and Assessment; MS, Biology; MEd, Elementary Education; BS, Biology; and a BEd, Secondary Education

Amber, a 6th generation teacher and self-proclaimed “science nerd,” has been tutoring with OTT in a variety of subjects including English, History, Executive Function Skills training, math and, of course, science since 2011. “I really enjoy tutoring because of the connection with the students, some of whom I’ve been working with for over 5 years. It’s really rewarding to see those students I work with grow as individuals.”

Before coming to On-Track, she enjoyed two teacher internship positions as a Park Ranger at the Petrified Forest National Park. Currently, Amber is also a science and STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) teacher at (OTT’s sister company) The Jones-Gordon School.

She has had the great honor getting to meet some amazing scientists. She’s had lunch with astronaut, Sally Ride; served as an assistant during a lecture to paleontologist, Dr. Robert Bakker; and met Bill Nye, the Science Guy (her all-time favorite scientist). Amber is a published scientist herself: she was interviewed by Science News for Kids for her research on dinosaur body size.

Amber’s family came to Arizona in covered wagons over 200 years ago to work as miners. She still has a rocking chair and sewing machine that came on those covered wagons! She loves to sew, especially historical costumes. Victorian style outfits are her favorite things to make.

In her “free time,” Amber has earned her PhD, multiple Master’s degrees and is working on an equine therapy certification. A life-long love of learning runs in her family: her great grandmother was one of the first women to graduate from Harvard with a PhD.

Having spent most of her preschool years in the border town of Douglas, Arizona, where her father was a police officer, Amber loves Mexican food. “Homemade torillas are my kryptonite!”

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