On-Track’s Administrative Team

Our hard-working behind-the-scenes team of passionate and dedicated professionals is responsible for managing On-Track’s administrative processes, which allows our tutors to do what they do best: teach!

Founded and run by educators, we pride ourselves on always putting our students’ needs first.

Kim HoganNew student intakes
(480) 563-5588 ext. 1007

Prior to her work in the education arena, Kim spent much of her early career in human resources before making the decision to leave the workforce to spend more time with her family. During her hiatus, Kim enjoyed volunteering at each of her children’s schools (3-4 days each week!). Loving the school atmosphere and the flexibility to work the same hours as her kids, Kim first accepted a position as a paraprofessional where she remained until joining us at On-Track’s affiliated private school, The Jones-Gordon School (JGS), in 2015. In addition, Kim worked for 8 years side-by-side with the director of a local day camp where parents and campers affectionately referred to her as “Mama Kim.” Always at the top of her game, Kim helps ensure that every student at On-Track is our first priority!

Tracie Glover HawxhurstPlacement coordination
(480) 563-5588 ext. 1002

In addition to facilitating student-tutor relationships for On-Track, Tracie recently joined the administrative team of OTT’s affiliate, The Jones-Gordon School (JGS), as the director of admissions summer programs. Prior to beginning with On-Track and JGS, Tracie had a well-established career working in education in various capacities. Most recently, Tracie spent 13 years at a local independent school where she had the opportunity to experience all aspects of school administration. Tracie has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Albion College and spent a year abroad at Oxford University where she studied English Literature and Art History. Now an indispensable member of our team, Tracie works to ensure that each student is matched with the perfect tutor!

Shari SchwartzTutor management
(480) 563-5588 ext. 1004

In 2006, Shari joined the On-Track team and has since helped facilitate its growth, sharing Dana’s passion for education and kids (especially those who don’t necessarily fit into “perfect” molds!). In addition to managing OTT’s incredible team of tutors, Shari is COO of On-Track’s parent company, Herzberg Educational Services, where she is key to making sure all the “parts” are working behind the scenes. A graduate of the U of A, Shari has extensive experience in graphic design and communications, small business management and development, human resources, and marketing. Shari has also spent much of her personal and professional life working with kids, from being a camp counselor, to teaching art at Boys & Girls Clubs and in private schools, to tutoring students in literacy.

<b>Dana Herzberg</b>
Dana HerzbergFounder, Owner
Dedicated to meeting the needs of students of all abilities, Dana is a recognized expert in educating and mentoring students with ADHD and learning differences. Dana earned a master’s degree, Summa Cum Laude, in Curriculum and Instruction, with a focus on brain-based learning, twice exceptionality and multisensory curriculum from ASU, where she also graduated Summa Cum Laude with a bachelor’s in Special Education. Able to overcome her own learning challenges and to recognize her potential through strategic learning approaches and the help of excellent tutors, Dana founded On-Track Tutoring and later The Jones-Gordon School, now both divisions of Herzberg Educational Services. It is her aspiration that the On-Track tutors provide the same high-caliber support to individuals and families struggling at any level.

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I love the students I have worked with through On-Track. I have worked for several years with my students and it is so exciting to see their progress. I always feel so welcome in their homes. I also like the training session you have offered like the Singapore Math I attended.

Special Ed and General Academic Tutor with OTT since 2008