Providing the highest quality, home-based academic tutoring services

throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale and other areas of the Valley since 1999, On-Track strives to discover each student’s independent learning potential through a variety of tutoring services.

What makes On-Track different than other tutoring companies? Our dynamic, motivating tutors inspire a passion for learning. Our exclusive, innovative Foundations™ program teaches essential study skills and organizational tactics in a multisensory format. We are local, family-owned and operated by educators who genuinely care about kids. Moreover, unlike other tutoring companies, our programs are all individualized to fit each student’s needs.

Regardless of students’ learning challenges, On-Track helps pave the way for academic success and skills that last a lifetime.

Our Mission

On-Track provides exceptional academic tutors & coaches who maintain high standards of excellence and professionalism. We strive to inspire a passion for learning and to encourage students to develop a sense of academic independence, responsibility, dedication, and self-discipline.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that students will meet high expectations and challenges if given the opportunity to do so. When students are given the tools to build confidence and knowledge, they can achieve academic success. Our goal is to equip each student with the skills required to be an independent, life-long learner; our mission is to empower students to discover their strengths and achieve results!

About On-Track’s Founder

Dana Herzberg, M.Ed., Owner and Founder of On-Track Tutoring

I founded On-Track Tutoring in 1999, knowing first-hand the impact that one-on-one tutoring can have on a student’s life.

“As a young student, it became apparent that I could read everything put in front of me, but I didn’t appear to have the ability to comprehend any of it. The results of an evaluation were conclusive – I was a high-ability child with learning disabilities.

I had several one-on-one tutors over the years who had a tremendous influence on my academic career. Like constructing a building, they laid the foundation and built on concepts I knew, until I finally had a solid, standing structure. They provided me the strategies that enabled me to learn in a different way.

Then, in high school, I participated in a community volunteer program where I taught adults with cerebral palsy to ride horses. I became enamored with helping people. Soon after, I volunteered in a self-contained classroom for children who were diagnosed with “severe and profound disabilities” (a truly awful label). We all have our defining moments in life when we realize that everything we have experienced was for a reason; for me, it happened when I was sixteen. I knew from that year forward that I had a mission – to become a special education teacher and to help others overcome their challenges and achieve their potential despite learning differences or other challenges.

Years later, as I held my undergraduate and graduate degrees with summa cum laude status in my hands, I fully realized the impact that my outstanding tutors and educators had on my life. They provided me with tools to achieve academically, but, ultimately, they empowered me to succeed in life.

I truly look forward to my work every day. One of my favorite quotes, by publisher Katherine Graham, says it all:

‘To do what you love and feel that it matters, how could anything be more fun?’”

Academic success and skills that last a lifetime!

Regardless of students’ learning challenges, On-Track will find the keys to unlock your student’s learning strengths.

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Special Ed and General Academic Tutor with OTT since 2008

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Jennifer, Mom of a High School Student receiving Executive Function and Academic Tutoring

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Mother of 6th Grader receiving Executive Function Skills support

He [OTT Tutor] has been great! He’s exactly the kind of person I was hoping you’d be able to find for Chris. He’s passionate about his subject matter and it… Read full testimonial »

Father of a 9th Grade Honors English Student

I love working for OTT for many reasons! The staff is so supportive, thoughtful, and flexible. The pay rate is generous and the schedule flexibility is great! I appreciate being… Read full testimonial »

Tutor with OTT since 2014

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OTT Reading & Writing Tutor and Strategic Connections Coach since 2006

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Mom of 3-year-old Braden

Your years of patience, guidance, and teaching are paying off for our son!

Proud Parent

He [On-Track Tutor] has been extremely professional, and is a nice person. Christopher does feel like he’s benefited from working with him and has enjoyed his sessions! [OTT Tutor] is… Read full testimonial »

Mother of 11th Grader receiving Test Prep (ACT) services

She [OTT Tutor] presents herself in a very organized and professional manner. I have high trust and confidence in her ability. Our son also seems to respond positively to her… Read full testimonial »

Mother of 6th Grade Student receiving support with Wilson Reading Program

We think [OTT Tutor] is great. He explains things so that she can understand and retain that information.

Parent of a High School Junior receiving Algebra II support

We have noticed that [OTT Tutor’s] tutelage has improved Harry’s reading fluency.

Mother of 4th Grade Student receiving support for Reading Comprehension and Fluency

I think this is an amazing company. The staff (especially Karen) is supportive, easy to get a hold of, and does a great job of following up on any concerns.… Read full testimonial »

OTT K-12 Cross-Categorical Special Ed Tutor and EF Coach
[OTT Tutor] is a very qualified tutor. We are starting to see improvements in Darcy’s math grades!
Mother of a 7th Grade National Junior Honors Society Student
[On-Track Tutor] has been such a great help because she communicates! I have seen a lot of improvement since she has been Jessica’s tutor.
The Teacher of an 11th Grader receiving support in English, AZ/US History, World History, Psychology, Algebra, and Biology

We love On-Track and its staff. Our son has worked well with each of his tutors, and we all thank On-Track for their support over the years. You make a… Read full testimonial »

Proud Parent

I can, without hesitation, refer families to On-Track and know that they will get excellent attention and quality service.

Dr. Jennifer Gatt, Child and Adolescent Neuropsychologist

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On-Track Strategic Connections Coach and General Academic Tutor

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Karen and Bill Powell

The [OTT Strategic Connections Coach] has been a great match not just for our son, but for our family.

Mother of a son with Autism/ADHD who receives Executive Function Skills Training

We think [OTT Tutor] is great. He explains things so that she can understand and retain that information.

Parent of a High School Junior receiving Algebra II support

My tutor is very patient and helps me see some of the most difficult stuff in the most obvious ways.

OTT Middle-School Student

On-Track Tutoring has helped my son achieve better grades and develop a higher sense of self-esteem.

Proud Parent

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Proud Parent

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Proud Parent

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Proud Parent

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Proud Parent

I have been meaning to let you know how deeply important our tutor has been in our lives!! She is by far the most gifted, inspiring teacher I have encountered… Read full testimonial »

Proud Parent

We love On-Track and its staff. Our son has worked well with each of his tutors, and we all thank On-Track for their support over the years. You make a… Read full testimonial »

Proud Parent

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The Lee Family

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Rachel, College Student

Students with learning and attention deficit disorders require comprehensive and systematic programs of support, that include direct instruction in the strategies and techniques that can help them to cope with… Read full testimonial »

Dr. Chris Nicholls, Nicholls Group Licensed Psychologist